Los Angeles, our favorite Californian city

You will see, in this article, we will try to reconcile the world (just that) with the city of Los Angeles. Because well, we can’t say that the city has a great reputation on an international level… Serious mistake!

Malibu and Venice Beach

If you also arrive by Highway 1, from San Francisco, you will have to go through Malibu. Well, you feel like it’s not the less well-off people who live here. There are luxury cars, but above all, houses that everyone dreams of. You know, the ones on the beach, on stilts, with the only view being the ocean and direct access to the beach. We’ll sign right now!

It is also where you will start to see the famous lifeguard huts on the beach, in red swimming shorts (stop drooling right now!). You calm down, huh?!

If you arrive in the middle of the afternoon, for a first contact with Los Angeles, go to Venice Beach to start feeling the atmosphere of the city, and especially, see your first sunset in the colors of crazy!

On the other hand, know one thing, it’s the city of the car… And since the city is huge, anticipate your travel times well. You can quickly waste a lot of time, so think about optimizing it.)

We advise you West Hollywood for a good night’s sleep… It’s quiet, residential and central.


Ready to take you for a star? But as you are often told, never leave on an empty stomach. Can you imagine if you pass out on the Walk of Fame? The total loose! Since we’re in Los Angeles, there’s nothing better than an organic, ethical coffee, etc…. It’s a bit of a fashion trend there. Try the Urth cafe, it’s good and it’s fun (be careful, a lot of people, of course).

When you’re ready to go (don’t stress, you’re in Los Angeles!), we’ll make you play delinquent. To climb to the famous Hollywood sign, there is only one road, which climbs severely. It is forbidden to use it by car if you are not a resident. Obviously, we didn’t take the advice too much and we didn’t get caught (we didn’t go all the way). Option 2 is to walk up (about 1h30). Good luck!

And if you’re not hot for these options, you’ll see the Hollywood sign in the distance or from the Griffith Observatory anyway.

The Observatory is located in Griffith Park. It’s just a huge park with its zoo, bike and hiking trails, wilderness areas, etc. The advantage is that you have a view of all of Los Angeles. That’s when you realize how big the city is!

Walk of Fame

Now it’s time for you to get your Oscar back and walk along Hollywood Boulevard, its stars and other curiosities. But first, if you want to park, there are free parking spaces in the surrounding streets.

You will be able to touch the Hollywood dream and pay tribute to your favorite stars. We’ll leave you alone as judge. AnneSo is Michael Jackson… And Arno, the inevitable and immortal Chuck Norris, the greatest star of all time!

On Hollywood Boulevard, it’s also a parade of weird stuff… between religious preachers, record sellers, disguised people and half-naked people, there’s something to laugh about.

Of course, we don’t forget the shopping side with the Hollywood and Highland Center and the TCL Chinese Theatre, which is a mythical movie theater.

Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive

Now you know where the stars are rewarded. Now let’s see where they live. In Berverly Hills of course! The district made famous by TV series. Strangely enough, it is the only place in Los Angeles where the grass is green during periods of severe drought. You feel the atmosphere of a private district with its beautiful villas.

Now that you know where the stars live, right next door, you can see where they shop: Rodeo Drive. Let’s say it’s more for the anecdote, because this street is known thanks to the film Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts makes it a memorable shopping scene. You can also do this scene again if you have a full wallet ;-).

Manhattan Beach

You’ve been through enough of the city for one day, it’s time to relax in Manhattan Beach. If you go there for sunset, you won’t regret it, it’s magic! You will find a magnificent pontoon, gorgeous in the evening… And on the road, small sloping streets, on the beach, the foot!

So, you weren’t lied to, were you? It is “so beautiful” this sunset.

And like these emotions, it makes you thirsty and digging, 2 superb places to discover. For cocktails: The Strand House, for a good fusion meal in a friendly place: Manhattan Beach Post. With these two addresses, you can’t go wrong.

We also chose our hotel in this area, and we were very happy with our choice. Certainly, the hotel night was rather expensive but the hotel was to fall, the breakfast delicious and the view on the beach really beautiful. In short, if you have the budget, I can only recommend that you stay in a hotel in this area. We had managed to save a few dollars by booking on Findhotel.net.

Santa Monica Pier

You know what, it’s time to start your last day in the States, snif. To do this, a short detour to Santa Monica Pier, with its famous beach, is a must. I might as well tell you there are people. Los Angeles atmosphere! Arno still loves the docks so much with a carnival on them, he has a fixation. You’ll notice it’s not the best place to rest. For that, you have one last option left.

Venice Beach

If you are a little hungry, before hanging out at the beach, and you like Chilean food, then El Huarica is for you. It’s really cheap and very good. A short digestive walk on the waterfront later, you are ripe for a nap on Venice Beach, which, paradoxically, is rather quiet. A good place to rest before going back to the plane, while watching Californians play sports!

Bye-Bye the Usa. See you soon….